Women Planning Biannual Indoor Yard Sale

1st printed by the Owensboro Messenger Inquirer

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Jennifer Higdon and Stephanie Higdon are sisters-in-law who refer to themselves as "professional bargain shoppers."

They have so much fun shopping, Jennifer Higdon said, that they decided to create their own bargain shopping business.

For now, The Tot, the Teen and the Wardrobe Consignment Sale is a twice-a-year indoor yard sale. In fact, they describe it as "hundreds of yard sales at one location."

The first fall/winter sale is scheduled for the weekend of Aug. 5-6 at the Mike Horn Unit of the Cliff Hagan Boys & Girls Club, 3415 Buckland Square. People who bring items to sell will get 70 percent of the sale price, they say. People who shop will find prices comparable to yard sales, they add. Jennifer Higdon, who teaches at Apollo High School, has three children ages 4 and under. Stephanie Higdon, who works at Texas Gas, has a 4-year-old. When they're not working, they say, they're shopping for bargains. The semiannual consignment sale, the Higdons say, will help others find bargains.

"We have 40 people signed up so far to sell things," Jennifer Higdon said. "We're hoping for 100."  

They have more than 14,000 square feet of sales space.

People who volunteer to work at the sale get first crack at the merchandise during a presale Aug. 4.

"We're getting a lot of volunteers," Jennifer Higdon said. "We're having people volunteer to work three four-hour shifts." That's because three four-hour shifts entitle a volunteer to receive 85 percent of the sale price of items they consign as well as getting into the presale. There's also a presale - after the volunteers get through - for consignors who bring 15 or more items to the sale.

But the Higdons say they'll also have a lot of new items at the sale. Several stores are bringing merchandise, they said. "We'll have a woman who makes specialty jewelry," Stephanie Higdon said. "She wraps stones in silver or gold and makes sterling silver jewelry."

Jennifer Higdon said a woman from Nashville will be bringing hand-painted children's clothing and children's furniture to sell.

The sale includes infant and children's bedding and linen, clothing from newborn through teens, maternity clothing, toys and sports equipment, baby items, home decor and furniture, books, video games, music and games.

Sale hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Aug. 5. There's a 50 percent off sale from noon to 1 p.m. Aug. 6 for merchandise that didn't sell the day before.

Items not picked up by 6 p.m. Aug. 6 will be donated to the families of the Boys & Girls Club and St. Vincent de Paul. "I hope we have things left over to give to them," Stephanie Higdon said. "I always like to be able to help others."

Jennifer Higdon said a second sale is planned in March. "We hope to have a fall/winter and a spring/summer sale every year," she said. "And we're talking about a holiday sale and maybe a sale for adult clothing in the future."

People who register to participate by Friday will be charged a $5 fee to help cover the cost of advertising. Those who register after that date will be charged $10.