What Consignors Are Saying

Thank you so much for donating your remaining sale items again this season.  Every year we really need the replenishment for the Sparrow’s Wardrobe and the Harvest Day event.  Your generosity always reminds me of

Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Thanks again and God Bless,

Donna R. Hartgrove 
Owensboro Christian Church 

I am so pleased this year.  I made $180 from clothing that my kids have outgrown.  I hope to be available to volunteer next sale because it looks like fun as well.  My daughter found a pair of Sperry shoes (retail$70) for $8 that are not even scuffed on the bottom.  She was thrilled!  What an awesome idea this sale is!  Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!

Jackie McCarthy
Spring and Summer Sale 2010

Thanks so much! Received check yesterday and even after I spent over $250 at the sale I am still in the GREEN!  YAY!  Loved the sale and all the bargains! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shadley C. Boehman

I wanted to give you a HUGE Thank you!  I had 3 families go to the discounted sale on Sunday night and told me that you all just let them have the clothes.  You don’t know how excited that made all of them.  I have received phone calls from each of them this morning to let me know that you all told them to just take the clothes.  I appreciate you all doing that for my families!  Thanks, again!

Kelly Bland

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the sale.  Almost everything I brought sold (except my bedding)!!  I’m thrilled!  You and Stephanie really do a great job—I heard people talking about how smoothly and professionally everything is handled, and I wholeheartedly agreed!  I don’t see how you do it all.  You are a WonderWoman!

I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Melissa Ashby

Jennifer, I want to thank you for all the coaching you gave me through this experience.  I am pleased with the results since I had no idea of what to bring or how to price.  I will try again next year.  I think you women are terrific and did a marvelous job.

Clarice O'Bryan

Thanks for all you’ve done.  I really appreciate the opportunity to sale and purchase items for such a great price!  I think it is a great service to our community!!!

Gina Dailey

Jennifer and Stephanie,

I wanted to take this time to thank you and "The Tot, The Teen, The Wardrobe" for all you have done for my son, Alex. With your donations, we were able to fund the trip to New York for his medical exams and surgeries. Thank you for all you do.

Teresa Hodskins

I did not bring a lot of my things back home.  I have already been thinking about the next sale. I hope to be ready for that one ahead of time!!!

Becky Jones

Let me just tell you... the consignment program you are using is AWESOME!! I started entering my items on Saturday night dreading it, and now I want more things to sale! How easy it makes everything. I like the fact that I will be able to see on Saturday night what I sold!! I hope it is a success for you!

Amy Lindblom

That was very fast. I will definitely sell again! I have also been recruiting some more people for you! You and Stephanie did a great job on keeping everything very organized!

Stacy Lawson


I would like to thank everyone for being so patient and kind. Being an older lady, the online registering was something new for me but, but all I had to do was call for help. No matter what time of the day it was, someone would assist me. After the technical part the rest was easy. You just sit back and wait for the check.
I did spend a lot of money at the sale, BUT I supplied all 7 of my grandkids with the cutest clothes for the rest of the year. This would have cost me a fortune at the mall!! I look forward to the next sale!! And so do their mom's.

Bonnie Wright

First, let me say that I am very pleased with the results of the sale.  I know it is a huge effort on your part to put the sale together.  It's funny, when I decided to participate I knew that you had to have at least 15 items, and I thought "I'm sure I have at least 15 things to put in the sale" and ended up with over 100 things!!

Miriam Peay

I was so happy out on the floor helping the people with arms of items and taking them to the hold area.  I kept looking at you all and thinking how lucky I was out on the floor and how confined you were to the chairs.  I got so many smiles and thank you for the help it made me go home singing.  When I saw the total I really sang out loud and did a couple of dance steps.  Take care and if you allow me I would love to help again in the spring.  

Ginny Barnes

Thanks.  I received my check today.  I think the sale was a success in my eyes.  You all did a great job.  Hopefully I will be able to volunteer in the fall. 
Thanks again, 

Ashlie Iracane

I just wanted to congratulate you and Stephanie on the sale.  I think it went great.  Judging by my results and the little bit I had left to bring home, I would say it was not for lack of people that our lines were shorter.  I would say if was definitely the new cashier system.  I know you two worked super hard and I hope it was worth it for both of you in the end.  Now get some rest.  Hope you feel better soon. I definitely plan on participating next year.  I already have bins and crates of fall/winter stuff and more baby stuff to include like a high chair and swing.

 Casey Hamilton