The Basics

Sell and Shop in over 30,000 square feet of sale space for the best gently used, excellent condition, name brand, and designer items.

How does it work?

  1. If you have gently used items you’d like to sell, go to the consignor page and read the instructions and guidelines.  Consignors receive 70% of each item’s selling price and shop a presale before we open to the general public.
  2. Register as a seller.  Here you can create an account and pay your ad fee.  My Consigment Manager manages our sellers, their inventory, and their totals for us, saving us and you tons of time!
  3. Once you have an account with us at MyCM, you can enter your items into our system, print your tags, and manage your inventory.  You are responsible for pricing, preparing, and tagging your own items according to the guidelines on the Consignors Page.  This site also allows you to see what items you sold during the sale and transfer unsold items to the next sale.
  4. Drop off and set out your items on on the designated times after they have been inspected by one of our workers at the Inspection tables. 
  5. Work to sell.  If you want to work, you can sign up on the MyCM TTW site by logging in and clicking on the team member link.  Make sure you check the shifts you want to work and go up to the top of the page and hit “Add me to selected shift(s).
  6. After the sale, you will receive your check within three weeks of the sale.