Preparing and Tagging Your Items

    1. Register with My Consignment Manager(click here).  
    2. Make sure all items are clean.  All toys, car seats, strollers, playpens, highchairs, playsets, etc. MUST be clean.  All items must be in working order. This includes having batteries in toys that require them to work.
    3. Press clothing or use a dewrinkle spray and smooth out wrinkles with your hands. Wrinkled clothing does not sell.
    4. Place clothes on hangers with hook facing left like a “?”.
    5. Pin sets of clothing securely together. Secure two-piece outfits together by placing the shirt on the hanger first.  Place the pants or skirt on the back of the hanger (the two garments will be back-to-back).
    6. Put small items together in a ziplock bag.
    7. Pin or tie shoes together.
    8. Pants must be hung on plastic pant hangers or wire hangers with safety pins with pants pinned at waist to the top of the hanger with pin piercing the front and back.
    9. Socks must be free of wear, stains, holes and placed in bags of six or more.
    10. No underwear will be accepted.
    11. All items must be of retail quality- no damaged (stained, missing buttons or broken zippers) or dated items will be accepted.
    12. Sort all of your items by clothing, toys, equipment, etc. Sort clothing by gender and then size.
    13. When sorting is completed, return to our website and click on any My Consignment Manager link.  Once you login to your account, click on “Enter Items.”  By sorting items prior to entering, you will save a lot of time because you will only have to reenter the price and description for each similar item.
    14. Price in $0.50 increments, starting at 1/4 below retail and adjust for wear and style. Big ticket items such as cribs, Little Tikes, etc. can sometimes go for ½ retail.

      Some pricing examples are given below.

      • Name Brand like Abercrombie, Levis very-in-style jeans- $6-$10
      • Not so in name brand like Faded Glory, Circo, very good condition jeans- $2-$4
      • A baby swing- $10- $30, depending on the brand and all the gadgets it has
      • A pack-and-play- $20-$40
      • A crib- $50-$150
      • 2 pc Gymboree outfit- very good condition- $6-15, depends on pattern, material, style
      • Books $1-$3
      • VHS- $1-$3
      • DVD- $3-$6
      • Framed print-$10-$75 depending on size and style

      We always try to stay just at or under what we find  items for at the clearance rack at the mall.

    15. We want to encourage our consignors to check yes for discount on their bar-coded tags so their items will be placed in the half-off sale on Sunday.  Most consignors who did not do this last sale changed their minds and wished they had.  Once your tags are printed and brought to the sale, it is too late to make the change.  Even if you cross out your discount no with a pen we cannot change this as it has been entered into the system.  Please circle the yes on your bar-coded tags with a red pen so we can better communicate with the shoppers which items are half-off on Sunday.
    16. Printing can be performed at any time, at intervals or all at once when you finish entering your items by clicking on “Print Tags.”  Here you will generate the list of tags you want to print. Please make sure that you print tags only on white or light cardstock. If you take a chance, and use other cardstock than what is suggested, your tags may get torn off and your items will not sell.  DO NOT use dark cardstock, the printed bar-codes will not scan and you may not get paid.  Many of our consignors choose to print their tags at Office Depot for $0.13 a page-8 tags per page.  You can just bring up the website on their computer.
    17. When selecting the properties in the Print Setup Screen, sellers
      must use NORMAL (sometimes DRAFT for new HP printers) - the Best quality is too dark making some tags unreadable.  Sellers should take notice of their first page of tags and make sure they are printing 1) on a printer that has adequate ink, 2) the correct paper outlined above, 3) not on BEST quality, and 4) not too light(a white bar runs through the barcode).  Thus, the barcodes should appear to be crisp and clear and of normal ink quality.
    18. Once your tags are printed, make sure the barcode is readable, then cut on the lines and safety pin tags (no straight pins allowed) to to right side of clothing (when facing it) somewhere above the dotted line on the tag and use “Packing Tape” to tape tags to other items. When applying tape to the toys, equipment, etc. please do not put tape on the barcode.
    19. During and after the sale, to view your totals, go to your seller home page on the MyConsignmentManager link on our website and hit "View Settlement Report." 
    20. After the sale, at the top of the seller home page at MyCM, hit "Reconcile these Items with your Inventory."  Then go back to the seller home page and hit "Manage Inventory."  Then select "All items sold not sold, printed" and you will have a list of every item you placed in the sale along with what sold and did not sell.

This is what your tags will look like once you have printed them.  The safety pins should be attached above the dotted line.

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